Premier League Teams

Each year at the BSPS Summer Championships, Area 15a enter the Premier League Team competition.  We are allowed to enter 2 teams for each of the following sections:

Show Pony – LR, FR, 128cm, 138cm, 148cm, Small SRT, Large SRT
Show Hunter Pony – LR, 122cm, 133cm, 143cm, 153cm, Int SHT
Working Hunter Pony – Cradle Stakes, Nursey Stakes, 133cm, 143cm, 153cm, Int WH
M&M – LR, FR, Small Breeds ridden & WHP, B&Cs ridden & WHP, Large Breeds ridden & WHP

Each team will consist of 6 area members except the M&M teams, which will consist of 8.

To be eligible to take part you need to have qualified for the premier league red or blue division and entered the relevant class at the Summer Champs.  Depending on where you are placed in your class at the Champs you will earn points for your team (1st… 10 points, 2nd… 9 points etc to 10th place).

All team members are required to parade in the Saturday night evening performance, where the winning teams are presented with prizes.

Our teams have done very well in this competition over the years, with our Show Pony team winning several times, so lets see if we can be lucky this year!

If you would like to take part please send an email to with your contact details and the show at which you qualified.


Winning Show Pony team  

 L-R: Charlie Sale, Alexa-Lara Choynowski, Rebecca Harvey, Ellis Taverner-Burns and Henrietta Windsor-Phillips

Young Judges

Every year Area 15a enters a team and an individual representative for the Young Judges competition held at the BSPS Summer Championships. The competition is held on the Tuesday afternoon, with the results being announced in the Vauxhall hall during the evening.

Candidates will be asked to judge a class of 4 ponies, which can be of any type and height, hence it must be judged as a supreme championship.  Each pony must be placed and given marks for performance and conformation.  To conclude the competition, each team/individual is interviewed and must answer questions on why they placed the ponies as they did, conformation, and rules of the BSPS.

The team competition is open to members who have attained their 14th but not their 21st birthday before 1st January in the current year, and the individual, to those who have attained their 18th but not their 24th birthday before 1st January in the current year.

Training sessions are organised throughout the year and provide an excellent opportunity to understand the judge’s point of view, and learn about conformation and the correct way of going. All members are welcome to attend the training sessions whether or not they wish to compete.


     Emma Holder, Samantha Dent and Elle Kivlochan 

     4th Team Competition