Members qualified for the RIHS 2019

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Well done to all of the below members whom have qualified for the RIHS this year:
Cerys Holley and Newoak Gold Edition – M&M FR
Cerys Holley and Cornashton Sky Wishes – FR
Cerys Holley and Mount Pleasant Welsh Rose – 128cm SP and Small PBA
Scarlett Gale and Rhos Emperor – 138cm SP
Olivia Gale and Pinewell Miranda – M&M FR and PP M&M FR
Sam Bentley and Landemann Dandelion – 128 SP
Sam Bentley and Glenlichd Fair Un Square – M&M A/Bs and Juniors
Mia Hiscock and Castlehill Icon – Coloured NP
Gigi Gough and Bloomfield Pocket Money – 143cm SHP
Janey Godfrey-Faussett and Gryngallt Picture Frame – 122cm SHP
Grace Clarke and Glenlichd Fair Un Square – M&M FR
Grace Clarke and Brookfarm Da Vinci – FR
Heidi Cooper and Leacon High Cockalorum – LR
Meg Thompson and Inkwell Little Mark – Coloured NNP
Meg Thompson and Roadtrip – Coloured NNH
Meg Thompson and So Sweet – Coloured NNH
Hazel Sleight and Castiel – Coloured NNH
Scarlett Sharp and Broadspring Tango – M&M PP FR
Emmy Parkhouse and Jackets Destiny – Small PBA
Keira Jasinski and Kalusta Huckeberry Finn – 138cm SP and PP SP
Matilda Masters and Birkinbrook Juliet – M&M Juniors
Matilda Masters and Rotherwood Just A Peep – 138cm SP
Imogen Roberts and Griashill Signet – 122cm SHP and PP SHP
Harriet Rogers and Greendown Mandarin – LR SHT
Josephine Ready and Wolferlow Esperanto – 153cm SHP
Bibi Pinnock and Crusheen Shadow – M&M Junior Large Breeds, Junior Intermediates, Connemara and PP M&M
Gemma Pallett and Mirah Hero – 143cm M&M WHP
Olivia Turner and Dowhills Silent Whisper – 143cm SHP
Olivia Turner and Chychoose Senorita – 148cm SP
Georgie Grace and Anndalyse Sugar Plum – FR
Ellis Taverner-Burns and Small-land Watermark – Large Int SRT
Ellis Taverner-Burns and Lyncombe Finola – Small Int SRT
Ellis Taverner-Burns and Elmswood Casanova – 153cm SHP
Ellis Taverner-Burns and Small-land Dream Maker – 148cm SP and Part Bred Arab
Beatrice Taverner-Jordan and Wolferlow Chilli Pepper – LR SHT
Beatrice Taverner-Jordan and Newoak Designer Edition – M&M LR
Beatrice Taverner-Jordan and Elmswood Spring Bubble – LR
Demi-Nicole Appleton and Broekland Allesandro – M&M FR
Maisie Chester and Coppinshill Chaos – M&M FR and Pretty Polly M&M FR
Maisie Chester and Gryngallt Perdita – 122cm SHP and Pretty Polly SHP
Maisie Chester and Maplebridge Good Friday – 133cm SHP and Coloured NNP
Emily Bentley and Senny Waitress – Pretty Polly M&M FR
Emily Bentley and Hightopps Samba – Pretty Polly SP
Poppy Baxter-Davies and Rockbury Bolero – FR and 122cm SHP
Ellen McNamara and Stanley Grange Heir Supreme – Large Int SRT and Part Bred Arab
Freddie Finlayson-Bryant and Gryngallt Picture Frame – LR SHT
Freddie Finlayson-Bryant and Sharptor Bellissima – M&M LR
Georgina Saunters and Heartbreaker IV – Coloured NP
Imogen Rodger and Bowland Undercover – 153cm WHP

Janey Godfrey-Faussett & Gryngallt Picture Frame
Scarlett Sharp & Broadspring Tango
Emmy Parkhouse & Jackets Destiny
Harriet Rogers & Greendown Mandarin
Maisie Chester & Coppinshill Chaos
Beatrice Taverner-Jordan & Elmswood Spring Bubble
Scarlett Gale & Rhos Emperor
Keira Jasinski & Kalusta Huckleberry Finn
Heidi Cooper & Leacon High Cockalorum
Matilda Masters & Rotherwood Just A Peep
Demi-Nicole Appleton & Broekland Allesandro
Olivia Gale & Pinewell Miranda
Sam Bentley & Glenlichd Fair Un Square
Olivia Turner & Dowhills Silent Whisper
Olivia Turner & Chychoose Senorita
Ellis Taverner-Burns & Lyncombe Finola
Cerys Holley & Cornashton Sky Wishes
Mia Hiscock & Castlehill Icon
Janey Godfrey Faussett & Gryngallt Picture Frame
Grace Clarke & Glenlichd Fair Un Square
Imogen Roberts & Griashill Signet
Hazel Sleight & Castiel
Beatrice Taverner-Jordan & Wolferlow Chilli Pepper
Maisie Chester & Gryngallt Perdita
Emily Bentley & Senny Waitress
Bibi Pinnock & Crusheen Shadow
Georgie Grace & Anndalyse Sugar Plum
Gigi Gough & Bloomfield Pocket Money
Poppy Baxter-Davies & Rockbury Bolero
Sam Bentley & Landemann Dandelion
Cerys Holley and Mountpleasant Welsh Rose
Cerys Holley & Mountpleasant Welsh Rose
Ellen McNamara & Stanley Grange Heir Supreme
Beatrice Taverner-Jordan & Newoak Designer Edition
Gemma Pallett & Mirah Hero
Meg Thompson & So Sweet
Imogen Rodger & Bowland Undercover